What is a medical computer, and how does it differ from a normal PC?


What is a medical computer, and how does it differ from a normal PC?

Medical computers have contributed to revolutionizing the service and management landscape in the healthcare sector through their tailor-built specifications, which are designed in accordance with the unique needs of the working conditions and demands of a medical facility.

These computers are exclusively designed to facilitate the needs of the healthcare system so that the medical staff, including doctors, nurses and other associated staff, can perform their respective tasks with ease and effectiveness.

While a normal commercial grade pc can just as easily perform some tasks performed by medical grade computers, there are marked differences that make medical computers worth the investment.

Continue reading below to find out a few features that set medical computers apart from a normal pc.

Design compliance to medical standards

All medical-grade computers are subjected to IEC 60601, Medical Design standards for the power supplies. Since medical computers are supposed to be run 24/7, it is pertinent to ensure that the computers are safe for use in the presence of other medical equipment and patient devices, including ventilators, BP and blood glucose monitors etc. These standards are also in place to ensure that there is no electrical discharge issue in the equipment as it can be potentially harmful.

Health and hygiene consideration

Another feature that sets the medical computers apart from the normal pc is that they have an antimicrobial coating which ensures the prevention of disease spread or growth of pathogens. Since these computers are mostly used by multiple individuals, they can become a breeding ground for bacteria and disease.

In order for them to be used in sterile settings like ICUs, and surgery rooms, it is important to ensure that they are safe for use and prevent contamination and bacterial growth. The antimicrobial coating also makes them water-resistant, so they can easily be thoroughly cleaned by strong cleaning agents.

High-performance displays

As opposed to normal pc, medical computers have superior quality monitors that provide more brightness, which is important for consistent and accurate display of scans and images for reading. The monitor screens also have anti-glare properties and are easy to read, making them perfect for use in medical facilities.

Longer life span

While the MEDICAL COMPUTER may come at a high price than a commercial-grade pc, their systems have a higher life span, mostly around 10 years, and they also have a bigger warranty, 5 years in most cases.


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